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At, we take great pride in being your reliable legal ally for all your matrimonial and family law requirements. Our unwavering commitment to upholding principles of justice and delivering expert guidance has firmly established us as a leading institution in this field. Let us introduce ourselves and illuminate how we can support you throughout your journey.

What Makes Us Unique operates under the umbrella of “Qanoon House,” a renowned legal firm with a storied history dating back to 1985. Our legacy of excellence within the legal community is founded on decades of devoted service and unyielding expertise. We have consistently been at the forefront of offering solutions encompassing diverse legal domains, including family law, business law, property law, financial law, and civil litigation.

Our Family Law Experience

One of our core areas of specialization is family law, where we excel in providing guidance and assistance for a broad spectrum of issues. This encompasses divorce, khula, child custody, maintenance, dissolution of marriage (Tanseekh e Nikah), and restitution of conjugal rights. With decades of experience in addressing these intricate family matters, we have emerged as a trusted resource for individuals seeking resolutions guided by Islamic principles.

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Specialized Services for Specific Requirements

Within our Family Law Section, we offer specialized services tailored to your specific requirements. Our primary services include Court Marriages, alternatively called Civil Marriages, and Online Marriages, complete with Nikah arrangements. These services are highly sought after for convenience and strict adherence to legal protocols.

Aside from Family Law

While our foundation lies in family law, our expertise extends further. Through our platform, Right Law Associates, we apply our legal acumen to various domains of Financial Law, encompassing areas such as Insurance, Investment, Commercial Banking, and Capital Marketing. Furthermore, we provide expert legal counsel for Civil Litigation, spanning corporate and other civil matters and Criminal Offenses.

Your Reliable Legal Partners

Legal matters can be intricate and emotionally taxing, and we recognize the significance of having dependable legal partners by your side. Our team of seasoned lawyers is dedicated to offering guidance, support, and expert representation to safeguard your rights and interests.

Dedication to Excellence is a premier institution specializing in various services, including Court Marriages, Traditional Marriages, Online Marriages, Nikah Khawan Services, and Family Matters. With over three decades of devoted practice in family law and an unwavering commitment to excellence, we bring a wealth of experience to the forefront.

Your Legal Matters in Capable Hands

We aim to instill confidence in our ability to address your legal concerns effectively. Whether you are confronted with challenging decisions regarding marriage dissolution or any other legal matter, rest assured that is here to empower you with knowledge, uphold justice within Islamic principles, and guide you toward well-informed choices aligned with your beliefs.

Welcome to, where your legal matters are entrusted to capable hands. Explore our services, arrange a consultation, and allow us to support you on your legal journey.